A peek around

We are here, and settling into life as much as we can. We dearly miss our friends and family. But it is beautiful here, and the work is good. We have started learning language, and I got to shadow around one day at the hospital so far, and got to see a baby born at 31 weeks continuing to grow and mature two weeks later in the hospital. I saw a safe delivery of a healthy baby– and a student nurse who gave him his vitamin K shots under the watching eyes of an experienced nurse. I know that culture shock will set in eventually, I know that we will get tired and discouraged sooner than we’d like. But we are trusting in the truth pf Psalm 118:1– that the Lord is good, that following Him is always best.

More later, but here are some pictures–IMG_5413

Home sweet home for now, as ours is being built…


… with a surprise tomato plant creeping up the back of the house!


Leo LOVES sitting on the front porch.


Naomi in charge of pushing. Who’s surprised?


Inside, lizards (geckos?) are welcome– they can eat the bugs!


The running scenery’s not bad.


A safe delivery of a healthy baby– the reason we are here.


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