About Us

Our family works in Litein, Kenya, at the Africa Inland Church hospital in town, AIC Litein Hospital.   Matthew is a faculty member for the Kabarak University Family Medicine Residency based in Nakuru, Kenya and is looking forward to hosting residents later in 2018. He also sees patients and helps to teach and supervise students and interns participating in other medical training programs. Our family previously worked at Bet Eman (His House of Hope Hospital) in Yei, South Sudan for most of 2016 before we had to evacuate due to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan.

Matthew is a family physician. He trained at University of Maryland School of Medicine (’11) and MedStar Franklin Square Family Medicine Residency (’14). In Litein, he coordinates educational activities for the Family Medicine residents as well as other health professionals and trainees in the hospital. He also hopes to help strengthen the hospital’s mental health program within the department of Medicine. He likes to write, play musictweet, and read when he’s not doing doctor stuff or playing with the kids.

Maggie is a mother-baby nurse and full-time mom. She trained at Harford Community College (’11). She plans to help teach at the nursing school in Litein in between homeschooling our kids. She enjoys photographypinning, cooking, and reading when she’s not discipling the next generation of Lofti.

Naomi is 5 years old and is adjunct faculty at the School of Hard Knocks. She enjoys eating, singing loudly, jumping off of things, reading, and asking impertinent questions. She pretty much never takes a break until she sleeps and states that when she grows up she wants to be “a doctor, a mommy, and a traveler”.

Leo is 3 years old and enjoys eating, singing less loudly, climbing up to high places, and collecting rocks. Sometimes he manages to keep them in his pocket and not his mouth. He states that he is both “a doctor for babies” and a “builder” .

Henry is a toddler who enjoys getting taking things out of cabinets, jabbering, and running away while giggling maniacally. His career plans are yet to be determined.


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