November Writing Roundup

Another busy month! (Don’t worry, I can’t keep up with this pace much longer, either.)

My Neighbors’ Health Is My Business– The debut of my Christianity Today column! It will run every other month and focus on public health.

Why Should A Straight Person Care About Spiritual Friendship?– I’ve loved the Spiritual Friendship blog for a while now, so I was pleased to chime in when Wesley Hill, one of the editors asked me to write about why. Of note, Wes also interacted with a lot of my work from last month in this piece on community-building and sharing homes together.

Create Space For Singles– One of the things I’ve learned from Spiritual Friendship is how hard life in the church can be for people who aren’t called to marriage. I wrote about how families should take the lead in welcoming singles into our homes and lives.

The Right Thing Has A Real Cost– Matthew Lee Anderson put together an essay on “moral idealism” that riffed on my post on Planned Parenthood and Medicaid post a few months back. I took his ideas and ran with them, describing the political and social welfare policies by which pro-lifers might aggressively pursue an end to abortion in America.

Changing The World Requires Changing More Than Your Avatar– I still would have preferred to title this one “A Long String of Tweets in the Same Direction”, but oh well. It’s about how it’s perfectly okay not to empathize about every tragedy and the importance of finding a few things– or even one thing– beyond your immediate concerns and dedicating yourself to it.

The Hunger Games is the YA Dystopia America Deserves– Myself and two other Snake People chatted about power, redemption, and media in Mockingjay and The Hunger Games. We were not impressed, particularly since there’s still a  warmongering presidential candidate who does cutesy interviews with Lena Dunham.