October Fundraiser 10/11/15 at Jubilee Arts!

We’re getting really close to our goal of raising all the support we need to get to South Sudan, but we’re not quite there yet! As of this writing, we’re at 75% of our monthly goal.

Thus, we’re having a fundraiser on Sunday, October 11th at 1947 Pennsylvania Avenue (the Harris-Marcus Center, AKA Jubilee Arts) at 6:30PM-8:00PM. 


We’ve decided to do a coffeehouse format so our talented friends can share a song, poem, dramatic reading, or other talent. Interspersed with the sharing will be more detailed information and pictures of where we’re going. There is no obligation to give; you can just come to learn more or hang out. We will have stations set up if you’re so led (or you can always give here if you can’t come or you’d rather not wait!)

We hope you can come! Email me (our last name dot matthew at gmail dot com) if you’d like to participate.

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