August Writing Roundup

I’ll be sharing my latest writings here on the blog, though I also usually put a little digest at the end of our regular emails (sign up here!) and put stuff out through social media as it comes out. Here’s your chance to see anything you may have missed:

Democratizing Community Health– my first piece for Comment’s print magazine and a pretty important essay for me. A lot of people recognize that American healthcare is broken in many ways, but a lot of “solutions” keep the current power structures in play. Doctors and patients alike recognize that patients feel and act powerless. We have to change our healthcare systems to shift more power to the communities most in need.

Fear the Lifestyle That Will Kill Body and Soul– It’s not easy to think about taking our kids to a place where they’re more vulnerable to disease and violence. However, the fear of such things can contribute to all sorts of anti-Biblical decisions. I looked at how our family is thinking through these issues and how it relates to current Benedict Option discussions.

Loving The Poor: Pics Or It Didn’t Happen– There’s a lot of armchair observations about the Culture War and how we ought to “just love people”. I tried to push back on that idea a little.

Review: This Is My Body– I really enjoyed reading Ragan Sutterfield’s book This Is My Body about faith, food, exercise, and caring for our bodies. It wasn’t a perfect book by any means, but it had a lot of really worthwhile things to say.

How to Defund Planned Parenthood– There’s been a push lately to defund Planned Parenthood. I challenged “single issue voters” on abortion to consider expanding Medicaid as part of a larger political compromise to stop abortion. [UPDATE: The CaPC crew invited me to discuss this article on their podcast! Listen here as we get more into the policy weeds and the realpolitik on the subject of being pro-life “from womb to tomb”.]

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