What have we been up to?

Many of you following along with us know that we are heading back to East Africa in June. This has been a season of in-between for us, with featuring stages like: recovering from being evacuated, getting into a routine, waiting to have a baby, having said baby, then preparing to return. Now we are in the throes of planning to see people one-last-time (so much grief!) and packing (slightly easier when you’ve launched a family over the ocean once, by God’s grace!). I thought I’d share a little bit of what our time here has looked like…

1. Henry. We had that baby. Gosh he is the sweetest thing. Here, I’ll show you:IMG_8558

For real…


2. Family and Friends. We were so grateful and blessed to be welcomed back into the fold with our family and friends, who let us back in, or came and visited from far away (sometimes multiple times). We were home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and a wedding. Obviously, this is the best thing about being home. We have the best people in our life and I am so grateful for them.


3. Work and School. Matthew had the opportunity to complete 9 credits at St. Mary’s Seminary Ecumenical Institute and really enjoyed it. He also worked as part-time faculty at his old residency at Franklin Square, doing some clinic, inpatient, nursery, and OB. It was a good mix for him. I completed a couple of bible credits through BSF this year studying the Gospel of John, and 3 credits towards my BSN.


4. Books. SO MANY BOOKS.

Many people have asked about what we’re doing for Naomi’s school this year and the answer is, mostly, a lot of reading. This is how I have felt about being near public libraries again.

Slice of life: chicken edition

Robirda is our chicken. We have been working on adding to our flock, so far to no avail. No matter. She has enough sass for a whole brood of hens. (Sassy seems to be the only type of woman we keep around the Loftus homestead…)


Robirda has one flaw, and that is that she likes to hang out at the hospital all day. One Thursday when I was working she casually sauntered onto the peds ward. The patients got a good laugh at me chasing her as she ducked under beds. Someone did help me catch her, and I took her home and kept her penned up for a few days. It didn’t really stick, though. The next day that I worked she was hanging out at the patient waiting area. I  joked to Anna, the nurse I was working with in antenatal clinic that I like to take my pets to work with me. She laughed and said, “Me too”– her dog had been sleeping in front of the clinic all morning!

On yet another day, Matthew carried Robirda home, looking a little harried. The health department had just arrived for an inspection. I don’t think they would have been very happy to see Robirda hanging out with the lab technicians…

Robirda likes to roam the whole hospital. Multiple people have told me they are ready to take her home and eat her. I hope not– she just started laying little eggs with bright yellow yolks (the other eggs you can get in town have very pale yolks, suggestive of low nutrition).

But maybe she does have something else in her future. Short term nurse Lydia has had several heart-to-hearts with Robirda in the administrative office at the hospital, which led her to text me one day about “prayerfully considering Robirda to CO (clinical officer) school.” Well. Medical education is certainly a passion for us. We’re not ruling it out.


Robirda and her benefactor enjoying a nice swing.

Life lately


Phew! It’s been a busy few months. I am terrible at remembering to pull out my camera, but I did manage to snag a few photos of our goings-on:

Enjoying a crepe brunch on Labor day– lots of savory fillings and good company! We love our Baltimore friends.




Spending as much time as we can with family:


Celebrating Naomi’s 3rd (!!) birthday with a gift of books and pierced ears:IMG_4507

Getting surprised by a lovely visit from our dear friend Kez– she came to our church and we got to go on a long, leisurely bike ride just catching up:


Leo learned to roll over!


Two visits from Auntie Renu. We even got to meet her parents!IMG_4569


Oh, Naomi.

Have you always been about the sass, or does it just seem so?

Let me think.

\naomi ++ 008 (11)

My baby girl is three today. Fierce, determined, with a major nurturing side.


So many of our days involve me wanting to bang my head directly against the wall well before the hour of nine am. As well as prayers thought-shouted to the heavens for wisdom and patience.


They are also filled with intensely beautiful moments, which just seems to be the reality of life.


Motherhood has split my soul open and broken my heart in so many ways. It daily reminds me of the truth of God, and my own constant need for grace.


I’m so glad she came to us first.