South Sudan & His House of Hope

South Sudan won its independence from the (Northern) Republic of Sudan after decades of civil war and became the world’s newest country in 2011. However, years of conflict have left the nation without much health infrastructure; it remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to have a child with a maternal mortality rate of 1 in 7 and a death rate for children under 5 as high as 1 in 5. There are very few health professionals serving the country.

This video illustrates some of the challenges in helping mothers and children survive. It is at a different hospital in South Sudan but our facilities are similar:

His House of Hope Hospital (known as Bet Eman in the local Arabic dialect) was established in 2011 by Harvesters Reaching The Nations, a nonprofit started in 1998 to serve orphans in South Sudan. The hospital provides pediatric and maternity care in a region beset by severe health disparities and serves as a training site for health professionals at all levels– nurses, midwives, radiology technicians, clinical officers, and physicians. The care available at His House of Hope– particularly for high-risk pregnancies and premature infants– is the most advanced in the local area. There are three expatriate family physicians and four expatriate family physicians (including our family) serving at His House of Hope along with a number of East African staff; you can learn more about them and the work of the hospital here.

This video features our team leaders (with a few Loftus cameos) discussing some of the challenges they’ve faced here and the overall vision of the hospital to not only serve and treat the local population but also to teach and train health professionals that will go across the country to meet medical needs in one of the most under-resourced nations in the world.