Spring 2016 Writing Roundup

Lots of references to Viagra in these pieces!

Health is About Way More Than Weight– My latest Christianity Today column is about how the Church can deal with the obesity crisis– by focusing less on the actual numbers and more on ameliorating the problems that cause us to overeat or smoke in the first place.

Strength in Weakness– I really liked Andy Crouch’s new book, Strong and Weak. Though I still think his last book, Playing God, needs to be read by more people!

Our Drugs Addiction– This CT column from May takes on the pharmaceutical industry’s preferential treatment of the rich. and what anyone can do at their doctor’s office to help push the system in a better direction.

How Then Shall We Work? Medicine– I participated in the Comment symposium on technology and the professions, focusing on medicine. I discussed how electronic medical records demonstrate the foibles of using technology to make things better. I still wish we had been able to use the original title, “User Error” but it didn’t quite work in the print layout.

What West Baltimore Needs– The American Conservative wanted a retrospective look at the events in Baltimore last year, so I wrote about how the immediate response to the unrest was a picture of our disorganized and dysfunctional approach to helping struggling urban neighborhoods. I also pointed towards some of the ways that we could do better as I explored the costs of dealing with the culture that helps poverty stay entrenched.

Benedict and Jesus– If you’re not tired of the Benedict Option discussion, I jumped in again to go back and forth with Alan Jacobs (who ended up replying here).

4 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Writing Roundup

  1. Hi Matthew,
    I’m a Christian medical student in Sydney in my final year of study. I’m looking for resources about how to think about the vocation from a Christian perspective and I figure you might be the guy to ask. Any ideas?



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